The New Covenant is God’s Promise to teach you directly, educating you to fulfill your authority and be not dependent on any other person.

The New Covenant eliminates all middlemen between you and God. The New Covenant is between you and God directly, intimately, with your vocabulary in your language. There is no subject that God cannot teach you. Nothing is off limits. This is unlimited education, free, that costs you everything - for it is available only in surrender to birth it. You must learn to birth the word that instructs you, that matures you into the leadership of The Real You, the authentic you, the fully realized you, actualized in fact, circumstance, and life to the full.

My name is Grace Cottingham and I stand for you to be led of man no more. I stand in the gap for you to learn from God directly, releasing the voice of God within you to operate unlike anything being preached today. Women will no more be put under the authority of men, nor think the image of God is a man. This is a Revolution and Orthodox Religion will not control it; no religion will. The New Covenant obliterates religion.

The University of The New Covenant exists only to interact with submitted surrendered humble learners who will become leaders of a world freeing the voice of God to teach everywhere, equally operating with the one mind of the Unlimited Infinite. Regardless of your name for God and your exercise of religion or lack of it, your ability to be taught by God directly exists and no one can take it from you. You are the unlimited infinite.
Grace Cottingham Tulsa

Jesus the Pattern became The Firstborn of a new race of True Israel to show women and men, of every nation tribe and tongue, how to become what he became: a new creation of this new race; so that we all become one, a Christ, with The Mind of One.

Grace Cottingham