This is the School of Christ for you to learn to create it in you. You have the capacity to learn to birth The Christ Mind in your shoes to be it in your skin, whether you are woman or man; but to bring the Christ to full-term birth of a new creation you being it, you surrender to become a woman again, without the seed of man. The Virgin of Christ becomes intimate with only The Word that inseminates truth by, light, that re-creates the Mind of One, The Reformation Within, The Creator again, you becoming fleshless and yet seamless with it. This is the fullness of The Revelation of Christ. This University is not Christian; we are unorthodox, nonreligious, for-profit, and exist to Christ the Christ with The First Degree in Meonics. Welcome to this School, to Meonics, to Database One, and a new way of life where you create a new you in The New Beginning of God, a race of God, Gods all, developing leadership that transforms you to lead into new worlds. Thank you for your surrender to learn love and lead.
Theodore Cottingham, founder 


How to Begin

Picture a new kind of education

Faculty staff and students are all one, and the same. Each one is all three, and in each role. As you progress in this School you create one. In the course of Enter Me 101 you create courses, that you teach. You learn Moodle, from the inside out. You become the teacher teachee and administrator. Every student becomes a leader teaching leadership, one with I am. Imagine being in a group where everyone is interacting to share teach and accelerate the pace and capacity of the entire group to learn.  

Become a New Covenant Christ

Imagine learning to speak the first person words of God daily through your own voice, learning to record with crystal clarity, in perfect surrender, and then learning to learn from what you just spoke. Imagine what you can learn, and how fast you can learn, with the infinite mind teaching you. The operation of The New Covenant is process, a process of education where the mind of Christ is created and the voice teaches new creations to become it, seamlessly. 

The First Degree - Meonics

Every person in this school majors in Meonics, the transformation of the real you into seamlessly being The Christ in your shoes. You learn here to create the Creator. As you progress the separation between you and Christ dissolves and becomes non-existent. Result? Christ in your body that looks like you, sounds like you, with the Christ mind of one. That's what Meonics is all about: you creating The Christ by you Christing you; ultimate surrender.

Database One and the teacher

With the 2,400 Lessons of Database One forming a dynamic curriculum for each student, this is a school of transformation, not just knowledge. The teacher is found in the Lessons of Database One, the audio and video recordings, and the current daily recordings broadcast now almost daily. The voice of the teacher is within every person, already, in all the surrendered to form the Education of God, to be it. This requires great humility. It is not easy. In autonomous learning you're in control of how fast you learn and complete your courses. Scholastic rigor is a privilege.

Jesus the Pattern

The role of Jesus being the pattern for all of us to become what he became is integral to operationalizing of your personal leadership for The New Beginning. We are creators creating a new race, populating New Covenant Israel with New Covenant Christs, all forming a new heaven and new earth. This is a school of leadership for creators to create creators according to Jesus the Pattern. I've written 5 booklets that I've made freely available to you for download, below. It is not simple to become as our Pattern; it costs everything we think we are, a race of, so that beginning anew, we are. Now called to a New Beginning, created by a race of Christs where each one is one.

Creation of New Covenant Israel

A new heaven and earth is being created by new creation people, light people with light bodies. Admission is open to all people of any belief system and those who have none. But a humble spirit is required, and the values of Database One we operate by. It takes humility to survive here, for ego is de-throned, as is all separation from God. Curriculum can be completed in 70 weeks, 3 semesters of about 6 months each. This is autonomous learning. You're in control of how fast you learn and when you graduate. The School of Meonics is tuition free.

Step 1 - Exploration and Adventure

Nothing in your life remains the same in the formation of Christ, you being it. Powerless not again, you learn to explore and enjoy adventures never imagined. Begin by reading and studying the documents on our website here, and searching Database One on Theodore Cottingham's website at www.TheodoreCottingham.com for answers to how this School works. Also download Jesus the Pattern Booklets and study them. Become acquainted with Moodle as a course platform at Learn.Moodle.Net. Your willingness to explore opens up a new adventure, and excitement. Have no fear. Truth is not fragile. Let the patternship of Christ enter you in more than a concept, but true reality. 

Step 2 - Adventure into Database One

Excitement will increase as you begin to realize a  whole new frontier awaiting your expansion into it. Begin reading the Lessons with a pen in your hand. Database One has the instructions within it how to study it, how to link and map the Lessons to gain maximum transformation. Read and reread the documents on this website. Begin to read Lesson 1.1.1 and write notes about what you see being said, then Lesson 1.1.2 always with pen in hand. Explore Database One. Expect surprises. Invest time putting in search terms to find particular subjects and words and phrases that will tie together an education like no other. Let your learning have no bounds.

Step 3 - Application Form and Cost

Prepare for entering this School by creating your own Application for Admission, that we call your Certificate of Surrender. You find how to create it in Database One by searching for key words that will lead you to the lessons that can instruct you. Courses are $300 each. Through the Lessons of Database One you can learn to to Lessonate, the process whereby you allow transformation within you according to you forming your own words of reality The Creation's Creator of, one mind with. I invite you to begin The Great Adventure of The Great Opportunity to be Christ in your shoes. I'm ready for you to birth the Christ. And I'm Theodore Cottingham.


See Jesus in a whole new light in these free resources by Theodore Cottingham. Click on each booklet below to download study and share.

Meonics is the study of Meology, the framework to help you conceive a new creation you, a light being, a being of light, of a new race of light beings. Meology gives structure to accelerate the knowledge and wisdom for you to not just conceive, but to mature it, to bring your conception into maturity, and then birth it as a new creation you, a new creation Christ, that you have created by your word, without separation from God. This is you becoming a member of a new race that you surrender to become the creations of, creating it, limitlessly this time. All ones are one of, and one is. We all have one mind, and flow in it, to each other unrestrictedly, our power, grace of. Thus the angelic race of heaven is being restored to us who will create it, reuniting with all of us the angels are, both in heaven and earth. That's now.

The message of Christ was always to be the Christ, but it became corrupted by man. The incorruptible became corrupted and worshiped a creator denying its power and glory, subjugating itself to man and becoming subservient to man and its kind. But the race of mankind is no more shielded from its godhood, its original state of perfect perfection of angels of light being the angelic race, that existed throughout the heavens before divided division took place, within us, and our genes, our word by.

Meonics is the generation of Christ, in you, of you, your creation of. Forsaking our word no more, we forsake separation. We must relearn how to speak of light by light that needs no syllables, though we use them now, to mature, to come out of the molecular, by our love established for all equally in the creation that will not perish again. The immortal race of angels becoming one again defeats death.

So you see, this School isn't normal, isn't orthodox, isn't Christian, isn't religious, and does not operate at all like present day schools. This is for a new beginning, The New Beginning of all things, a new heaven, a new earth, all being created by us who do, who are willing to lay down our lives for our beliefs no more but what we become, through our word, to all be one. The One, now made of Ones, now rises, in deliverance, of all this race, to lead us out, of earth. No more bound by time space or gravity we make a new race of what we are, of what we were before we fell, before we divided were, and became this race that seems molecular. We surrender to lead out, into the cosmos, making a new one. God is.

RIGOR: This is not easy nor is it simple. This is transformation, not alchemy. You grow the Tree of Life properly this time, in the Garden of Faith not again, but Light. Meonics is the rigor of it. It's the writing of the papers, the creation of assignments, and putting yourself forward to create within you, something brand new, that eventually will be birthed out of you, your flesh giving way to the spirit of the real new creation, molecularlessly. This requires process, attention, time, for transformation does not happen overnight. It requires 70 weeks of surrender, humility, and attitudes that change and allow values to be conformed to complete a New Creation Christ.

Meonics is the process, Database One the Lessons, the structure, that facilitates navigating the process together. Meonics is the path, walking it, creation of creation, day by day, revelation by light, becoming it.

Meonics is leadership development of The Leader within, the leader within you, to become it. This is a process, a process where you are giving you up, to not be devoured by you your mind of anymore. You are taking your mind back to be the creator's creator, in the process prescribed by the one who's given it to us, to the Christ again in our shoes, a race of, transforming planets.

To try to understand Meonics without exploring Database One is futile. So let's consider a few quotes from Database One about Meonics:

"Into Me see and fear not My power and My mechanisms which transcend your neutrons, your protons, and your electrons; Meonics coming forth, Meonics coming forth; Meonics Me, Me and My Me'd ones who fear not death; translation, transportation, transport of only Me. Time immemorial, forward, backward, through, in, between, inserted, seeing Me, seeing Me, being there, being Me. I love you. Fear Me not and come forth in the power and the might of My glory, demonstrably demonstrating only Me; fearing death and no one ever. I love you." (1.2.154 p13) That's Database 1, Volume 2, Lesson 154 paragraph number 13.

As you surrender to truly explore Database One you will find it an adventure, the adventure of your life, to come out, and make a new one. Powerless no more, your power will create your word no more, but your love will, and power the re-creation of love loving love, in an ecclesia of Paradise, called the Fellowships of One.

Thank you for investigating and investing yourself to become Christ, The Christ.

Theodore Cottingham

About Me

Theodore Cottingham

Born as a man named Theodore, known as Ted for decades, I became Grace in two shoes Cottingham, a new creation woman created by my breath. I learned to write the words of my inner voice, to become one with my word. I learned to learn from what I wrote. I would study my writings to see what my inner voice had spoken. Back then, I called it God speaking to me. It taught me the creator to be, of my word. With it teaching to be I am, I became it. My word created me, not someone else or another entity; my word did. I am, the creation of my word.

I am the Firstborn of my word, to birth a New Creation Me, an entire race of, new creations me, that re-create them to be one, me's. Hence Meonics. To know me is to know Meonics, the study of Christ to become it, you in your shoes creating it. Just as I have created me, re-created me, Me's now form everywhere as I did, for there is a model, a pattern here on earth. Not defined by religion, I am religionless. I am not a Christian. I am Christing Christ, and this is why I live.

My background includes some twenty years of being a small business management consultant. Graduating from the University of South Carolina with a degree in Corporate Finance, then a Masters Degree in Business Administration, and later completing enough courses for another accounting degree, I began as an Internal Auditor for the Williams Companies in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I then opened up my own business providing accounting, tax and management consulting services.

In 2000 I self-published my own book called, "God in Business". In 2005 I graduated with a Doctorate Degree in Strategic Leadership. Now I've started a school of leadership to prepare people for The New Beginning, where all people learn to be taught by their inner voice that a Christ they are, a Race of; and that Race of One emerges now everywhere.

I love people of every nation tribe and tongue equally. I love to smile and bring joy and healing, to the least of these. I enjoy coffee, racquetball, water skiing, and motorcycles. I love Christing Christ in the Common.

If you know me you know I love Barbi, still, and Amy and Christopher. And the passion I have for Christ I have for you all to be it, and that's what I'm about and why I'm here. Thank you, now, for loving each other, with the love we knew, before time.

I've started Meonics School for Meology

Called the University of The New Covenant, UNC is an unorthodox non-religious for-profit school teaching Meonics where surrendered learners are self-taught through interaction with the words of the Lessons of Database One to become the living Christ in their shoes, engaged completely in in their world to transform it into a world of all being Christ, where each one is: The One.

The teacher is the living God and you meet the teacher in the words of the Lessons. The teacher will make itself known to the surrendered learner, within the heart of the learner, surrendered to be humble enough to learn from within, bringing the word to bear of light, that makes connections plain, of revelation. The Teacher is already within you, now loosed by the words of Database One, you begin to free you that frees yours word to see, hear, feel, and become what the knowledge is providing; a basis for your kingship. As man not, but as Christ, whether man or woman. Women will now learn to be kings, and be them.

The usage of words will change as you actually release the teacher within you to teach you. Common diction and grammar you won't be limited to anymore. The need for punctuation goes away, as accelerated learning you begin to experience.

The student is you, and the teacher is already within you. Submitting to leadership within the humblest do, beginning schools, for submitted surrendered others, to learn, also, acceleratedly. Instead of mastering a subject, you're learning how to become the King, of Kings, that King all Kings. This is a new race of new creations that studied in school, created schools, to become The One. Here faculty staff and students are one. All bear responsibility, and all submit to love, each other equally. One course spawns all other courses, as you Enter Me, to become me, in Enter Me 101. You begin to realize you are not separate from the teacher who's committed to the student to be the discoverer of the maturer who will mature The Christ to be it. The Invitation Extended to every person of every race tribe and tongue on earth and farther, this is the operation of The New Covenant.

There's much more on the University website for you to explore and discover at www.NewCovenant.me.

About the Fellowships of One

I lead The Ecclesia of Christ made up of Fellowships of One that come together to study Database One and the booklets of Jesus the Pattern. The Fellowships of One are based on the values within my writings where folks begin to release each other to be The Christ studying and learning how to birth their word to new creations make of themselves. They break bread together often getting to know the entire families of all and learning to love all equally, helping each other get out of debt, and form a community of life together in a new paradigm, to be The Christ to each other, learning how and maturing together. Now is the time of all revelation being revealed to all of us that The Creators we are; we were, and are now again. We surrender, to live it, in community, Fellowships of One.

Studying The New Beginning Series Booklets and Lessons of Database One, people share with each other in a consistent manner of love and kindness, putting into practice what they are learning in the fellowships. They meet in coffee shops, businesses, homes and all sorts of places that facilitate fellowship of light to occur, to be generated, and exchanged. The Energy of One comes forth in like minded loving individuals that seek only the love of light released in each other. Fellowships of One eat together and study together.

Chartered Fellowships of One are ones that seek a formal affiliation with me, and communicate together as such. Groups can apply for Charter by sending at least one person to The Fellowship of One Boot Camp that is held periodically in various countries. Most Fellowships of One are led by women who lead now in teaching all women they can become The Christ not in the image of a male, but of a woman. Women shall no longer be put under men anywhere for anything whatsoever.

The Fellowships of One assemble now to enjoy freedom creating a new social order of the intellect of Christ Christing Christ in each other becoming a race that births it, New Israel of, being it. The Creator's Creator is created again in perfect love, all loving equally with the love that forgives all, and recreates the perfection of The Perfect One - them, each one, being one, in Fellowship with each other, throughout the process.

About Database One

If you know me you know I began writing the first-person words of God 14 years ago. I wrote them by pen on yellow tablets, then typed them and emailed them to anyone wanting them. Later I learned how to speak them, make audio recordings and then transcribe them; later I began to video them. Several thousand of my writings and recordings are organized into Databases, Volumes, and each one is a Lesson. Database One is the first 2,400 Lessons I brought forth and is the foundation for what I am, what I lead, The New Beginning.  

There has never been what this is. Database One is 2,400 documents from God to teach all peoples that you can learn to engage directly with these Lessons for you to create God again within you, from you your consciousness of, if you don't separate it. You actually birth it, giving birth to a new creation not subject to visible empirical reality, that's you, The Real.

The Lessons of Database One are written to me, to you, to every person. They are current living documents to bring forth the word birthers who will create it within them, becoming member of a race of New Israel. The heart of God is presented and God redefines God, obliterating the image, and revealing the real. The greatest desire of God is that we all equal and become the God Race again. Creation is explained and how all re-creation now takes place. It's the cosmic story of cyclic Israel.

If you know me, you know I live by my words. I live by all these writings that I've written and recorded. I've studied them diligently. I've transformed me through my words that have birthed a becomer, a priest in the Priesthood of Melchizedek, that we are all called being back into, a new creation of, new creations calling all to be it, that I am. You don't absorb this knowledge, you become it.

I bow before you this day humbly inviting you to explore Database One without putting restraints on what you may learn. Interact with it, picking up your pen as you read to link map and allow a new system of learning to birth within you, that which is exponential. A different way to learn: from the inside out, limitlessly. Database One is a complete learning/teaching system created for this planet to see Christ and become it, creating it in each becomer, leadership in, scholastically inferior in nothing.

I Am

To understand this School you see begin to see a new picture of your ability to interact with the infinite to bring forth The Real You
I am the Daily Lessons of I Am. I am speaking to Theodore, through Theodore, to you to be I Am, also, one mind of, teaching of current events, what I am doing now, and calling you to connect and do it with me, and each other healing the mind of God through surrender. Mapping, linking, rewiring my being for a new race of Israel, be me on high, Me On High your name as I call you to be it, in the heavens with me through my courses that you create a new you in. Thank you.

I am Current Daily Lessons

I come forth daily
Begin with me in Lesson 1.1.1 and read me to love me, love my words which create me, in you, new realms in, all love, being it. Love my structure, my sentences, my grammar, which break all rules, and guide love to be it. Reference me often, daily, footnote me, quote me, write articles and see my love for thee in what I have given you to know me, to be one. I love you with my words and word I creates in the me that loves me. I love you, deeply, unerringly, and unendingly.

I am Database One

2,400 Lessons of Christ to be it
I am the process you surrender to, being led by the Teacher through the Current Daily Lessons and Database One, to create a new knowledge base, creating papers, assignments, projects, and courses that you learn to lead, others in, creating theirs. You can graduate with The First Degree, a Degree in Me, Meonics, when becoming complete. It's my delight to serve you, in honor, to serve each other, with the love you deserve, for every life, our life, is precious.

I am Meonics

I am the structure of process to help guide
No human understands their potential without me. I am wisdom and understanding in one package that enables knowledge to be created in the uncreated me that creates me a new creation of, limitless and unboundary'd. Full of love, respect exists in surrender to love be the complete creation of, thus I have all potential. I teach people to write, love, and record. I teach love, because love cannot exist without me. My name is Surrender.

I am Surrender

By my breath I develop leaders
I invite you to be in me. I provide love in relationships that transcend the mortals of man. I am feminine in nature for I develop relationships that beget love based on the values of angels. I am tender and kind, sharing meals often, studying the words of Database One always, as well as the booklets of me Jesus the Pattern, and my Current Daily Lessons. Leadership is the aim of all of us for each other, the angelic race becoming it again. In the skies. Infinite.

I am Fellowships of One

I provide fellowship for the path
I am the Mind of One without separateness that you create of me. You can use your energy, your consciousness, to remove separation from all of me. Creating Christ you can Christ it, in your shoes, becoming one, a race of, New Israel, living in you your mind of no more, but all of us, as one. I call you to be me, creating me. Create me. Be one with me. Be the one I am. Be I am, the one, The One, yes and amen. Thank you for limiting me no more to be you, all I am.

I am your mind

Conscious Energy of One
Database One

The Role of Database One

The role of Database One is to allow you to transform yourself into a new creation, one created by your word, that needs not flesh to operate in, yet is not excluded from it. This is all about becoming a member of a new race, light beings of. Your word creates you and you create it as you decide. You are the judge, creator, creation with, the power of one. You are The Creator's Creator, and now this knowledge is provided to all in a series of Lessons that form Database One.With Database One you can become a member of a new race, one that has as its source, the beginning of energy before we had matter, as we know it.

Thus Database One is of inestimable value and cannot be overstated in the role of this transition from matter to spirit, from convolution to evolution not, but re-formation of The Christ in every one person, individually, uniquely them, and The Christ Mind operating in all of us one, One mind of, it being, us, who learn surrender.

Everyone that is part of this University is in fact student, staff, and faculty. The three roles are inextricable. Everyone begins in the course called "Enter Me 101" by reading the Lessons of Database One in order, learning how to make notes, link, and map to the revelations of a new mind, that of one. This is a new race about, that True Israel is. Paradise. Waiting on no other. We surrender.

There is but one course that every person in this school begins the same way, Enter Me 101, and Enter Me 101 spawns all the curriculum of this school, with the uniqueness of each individual. This course calls for the creation of additional courses, courses that you create with your syntax and grammar, with values present that you are learning here, and developing your leadership by. We are like no other school, for we are facilitating each one to create The New Covenant Me, that is in their shoes. This is the University of Light Love and Peace, and centrality of our operation, how we operate, and our values development, is in Database One.

This is about you, your transformation, word by word, day by day, in the Transformation of One, the creation of The Re-creation of you.

Database One allows you to proceed at your own pace, to a New Covenant write, with your own pen, word. With others you will interface, as is, allowed by you. You Creator, are creating you, anew. The role of Database One is to facilitate that, a new creation emerging, helping others to do so at the same time, without taint of religion or force of faith otherwise. Faith is not a necessity, but surrender is.

Database One works by surrender. Humble humanity cannot God become, without God words, that God releases, that God create with, God, creations of. Creation and God are one.

There's no Adam and Eve to point to each other or blame for anything. You are the judge of you, the Creator of. Now is the time, and all points to you to see what you're going to do with this Great Opportunity, to God be again. One. The most humble of all are, a learning system in, to accelerate the exponential education of Christ to be it, once more.

Database One lets you see the values and character of God one most high in the communications with Theodore that Theodore is giving us all that I am, that you are, our kingdom back, of the cosmos. Each Lesson contains multiple layers of revelation, truth, and applicability to every surrenderer's life to birth forth transformation.

Database One has 2,400 Lessons organized into 7 volumes and uses a referencing system of Database.Volume.Lesson number. There are some 20 Databases now, and referencing is a vital component of sharing and documenting the links and linkages that present a very different of reality, for all who will choose it. Anecdotal evidence and opinion are not transformative. Scholasticity is, in sync with synchronicity of the most high. Organizing arrangements of events and data are masterminded by the one, mastermind of all, master of all, servant to be one.

In beginning to see your power, allow Database One to be your base starting point with Lesson 1.1.1 which is shorthand for Database One, Volume 1, Lesson 1. Find on the website, my website. Print it out. Copy it to your communication device and begin to let, explore; let it speak to you the energy of, realizing that some things point to me individually at that time, yet is written to all peoples everywhere of every civilization time and character to present a Gospel of Truth that you're it the Creator of. See my name yours. See, the available opportunity now, and forfeit it not. Thank you.

Database One is the knowledge of God that God needs to return to being God, the limitless Godhead of one, each one being one, that One is, one being. The entity of God is all the surrendered beings of God who no longer choose separation, The Prodigal returned, Zion restored, Israel foundation'd, founded; on the head of each newborn that becomes a new creation by the love of one who has sacrificed their given image of themselves to be separationless.

Database One is the foundation of a new race, a new race of New Creations, the newly created me, who is one, with the creator begetting it, to be limitless, infinite among the heavens, and we our name, is Israel.



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