University of The New Covenant

A school like no other, faculty staff and students operate as one. The curriculum is embedded within the 2,400 Lessons of Database One. How to study the Lessons are taught within the Lessons, as well as assignments. The Consciousness of God teaches you directly from within you, forming a system of education with papers to write, forums to operate in, presentations to make, to form the leadership of you to be The Real You, the Infinite You. Graduation occurs when your separation from God ceases to exist and you become one consciousness. The Real You and the Mind of God become a single mind: one. The cost? You give up what you are to become what God is: one.

Jesus the Pattern became The Firstborn of a new race of True Israel, molecularless beings of light, to show women and men, of every nation tribe and tongue, how to become new creations of this new race, with each one being a Christ, so that each one of us will become one.

Theodore Cottingham